Meet Cathleen

Hi there – My name is Cathleen Barenski and I live in Baltimore, MD. I actually have been working in the healthcare field for most of my adult life, but I have a creative gene the size of Texas! I have been dragging things home since I was a little girl and transforming them into something beautiful and useful.

I am a mom, grandmother, and wife to my amazing husband and soulmate, Bob. I have taught arts & crafts for many years at our church summer camp for kids (8-18yo) in the Poconos and worked as a Home Ec teacher in a middle school. I have been crafting, sewing and painting furniture for many years. I am a vendor in two local retail shops & from time to time set up at special events.

I finally decided to take the next step & cultivate an online business to share some of what has inspired me & kept me over the years through seasons of life’s challenges that we all face.

There is something to be said about working with your hands: rolling up your sleeves & digging deep into a chunk of clay, painting a canvas, or sanding a rough piece of wood until it is buttery soft. We weren’t meant to be idle, but productive and creative.

My desire is twofold — to create unique art and furniture that I hope you will love to make a focal point or accent in your home, as well as offer online tutorials so we can create together, or you and your kids can create on your own timeline.

I chose The Costly Pearl as my business name because one of my favorite parables in the Bible is from Matthew 13:45 & 46 where Jesus described the kingdom of heaven, “again the kingdom of heaven is like a man who is in search of fine and precious pearls. Who, on finding a single pearl of great price, went and sold all he had and bought it.” These verses speak very deeply to me about my life of faith. What we deem as precious, we will sell all to find…we are all very precious in the eyes of God. So from that framework I live, create, build, and paint. People are the prize, the precious pearls, not the thing, the person. I would like to impart in some small way my God-given gift of creativity to you & help you create for whomever or whatever you please. It may take you down a road you never dreamed you could travel.

“When we use our God-given gifts, we are happy, fulfilled & productive….and best of all, others get blessed too! Thank you for visiting my page, I hope we can craft & paint together.”

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